fortifies, fortifying, fortified
1) VERB To fortify a place means to make it stronger and more difficult to attack, often by building a wall or ditch round it.

[V n] ...British soldiers working to fortify an airbase in Bahrain.

Derived words:
fortified ADJ-GRADED

He remains barricaded inside his heavily-fortified mansion.

...fortified castles and villages.

2) VERB: usu passive If food or drink is fortified, another substance is added to it to make it healthier or stronger.

[be V-ed with n] It has also been fortified with vitamin C...

[V-ed] All sherry is made from wine fortified with brandy.

[V-ed] ...fortified cereal products.

Derived words:
fortification N-UNCOUNT

In some countries, iron fortification of foods is carried out to reduce iron deficiency.

3) VERB If you are fortified by something such as food, drink, or an idea, it makes you feel more cheerful, determined, or energetic.

[be V-ed] The volunteers were fortified by their patriotic belief...

[V n] They will be laying on liquid refreshment to fortify brides-to-be for the shopping extravaganza ahead...

[V pron-refl] Would you care for some tea, or even a light meal, to fortify yourself before your adventure?...

[V-ed] They drove on fortified with still more Scotch.

4) VERB To fortify something means to make it more powerful and more likely to succeed. [FORMAL]

[V n] His declared agenda is to raise standards in schools, fortify parent power and decentralise control.


English dictionary. 2008.

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